BSidesFortWayne 2023 Event Schedule

BSidesFortWayne will take place at Sweetwater Sound on Saturday, May 20. Doors open and registration begins at 8:00 AM.

Technical Track

Location: Performance Theater

Starting timePresenterPresentation
8:45 AM-Pre-event Warmup
9:00 AMBB KingAI is changing your world, but you will still matter
10:00 AMCarrie Roberts10 Hacks to Bypass PowerShell History Log
10:30 AM-BREAK
10:45 AMBryan Sears5 Things to do before your next pentest
11:30 AMEdmund BrumaghinIPFS, DApps, & Blockchains: How Web3 Technologies Are Being Abused In Malware and Phishing Campaigns
1:15 PMMichael MillerBuilding Home Labs for Fun & Career Development
2:15 PMKent BackmanInside Black Basta Exfiltration Operations
3:15 PMMatt Fisher & Wren ForfaThe Red and the Blue: A Dual-Sided Analysis of DNS Tunnelling
4:00 PMSeif HatebPurple Teaming For All
4:30 PMCurtis BrazzellThese Aren’t the Phish You’re Looking For
5:00 PM-Closing Notes

Leadership Track

Location: Conference Room 1

Starting timePresenterPresentation
10:00 AMMatt HansenThe Journey to Big Tech, from a Small Town
10:30 AM-BREAK
10:45 AMTJ PattersonPractical Vulnerability Management
11:30 AMChris SaylorBuilding a Security Governance Program
1:15 PMChristian Ebel-OrrCyber Threats and Criminal Trends
2:15 PMMichael MillerLet’s Talk About Bruno - The Reality of the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage
3:15 PMChris HarveyPlanting a Tree: The long-game of aligning with the business for support, funding, and staff

Alternate Tracks

Badge Hacking Village

Location: Conference Hall 2B
When: 10 AM - 4:00 PM


Location: Conference Hall 2C
When: 10 AM - 4:00 PM